Applied for Series 8 of BBC Apprentice

After much support on Twitter and Facebook I have applied to appear on series 8 of BBC Apprentice. At this stage I have mixed feelings about my application. First cause of concern is the impact the show could have on my career if I were to appear on the show (if I were not to win). Secondly I have no idea for what the producers look for in a candidate.

Whilst I can boast about my efforts at Microsoft in the application (which will provide weight), the rest is University related and probably not too unique to others around the country. For the moment though I live in belief that my application has probably disappeared into a pile of thousands.

Whether the filming dates would work around my final year of University is a mystery but appearing on the show would be incredible. Mainly as I believe I could do a better job than most candidates who appear on the show.

Time will tell. I’ll let you all know if I hear anything back from the BBC.

What do you think?