Once upon a time in PR: New #FuturePRoof book out now

Three years ago #FuturePRoof was launched by Sarah Hall, a crowdsourced book that reasserted public relations as more than a sub-set of marketing, but instead a strategic management tool. If you’re looking for a new read, the fourth #FuturePRoof book has been launched today! You can purchase it here.

‘Once upon a time in PR’ is a special illustrated book that pays tribute to the trailblazers of the PR industry. Because of this, the format of the book is entirely different compared to the last three. Rather than a series of thought leadership articles, 22 practitioners and academics have been profiled in a paragraph each about how they progressed the industry forward.

Each of the industry protagonists is represented through an ink portrait and short story.

FuturePRoof fourth book, two

Having written only last week that the PR industry lacks confidence, this book serves as a timely reminder of the good work that is taking place.

With the CIPR boasting over 10,000 members, picking just 22 people seems like a tough call. On reading through the book I came across a number of familiar names such as Richard Bagnall, Professor Anne Gregory, and Rich Leigh. 

“I wanted to celebrate some key players within our industry and have a bit of fun,” said Hall. 

“It was a very easy list to come up with. Everyone had to have some differentiating factor and something to teach others. The core purpose is the same as ever, to showcase best practice and the talent in public relations today.”

People have been included for helping PR to become a fully measurable discipline, increasing diversity and inclusion, and even the person responsible for getting PR recognised as an academic subject (how I stepped into the industry). It really has opened my eyes to some lesser known named people who have pushed things forward.

The #FuturePRoof series is more than books, it has ignited a conversation about the future of the industry. It’s people, like you and I, who can contribute their time to build this industry into more than a practice, but a profession that is recognised in all boardrooms. Of all the names included in the book, one big one is missing: Sarah Hall.  

Illustrations from the book will be displayed at the PRCA’s new member workspace on Bankside, London. The gallery will be launched at a breakfast reception at 8.30am on Friday 30 November. To register your attendance sign up here. 

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